LAFT Berlin - an Overview in English

LAFT Berlin – Berlin State Association for the Independent Performing Arts e.V. represents the interests of its approximately 350 members, including the essential performance venues, groups and independent artists of Berlin, in dealing with politicians and the public. It supports its members through networking activities, consultation, coordination and services.

LAFT Berlin was founded in April 2007 as a registered non-profit association. The association is supported by the voluntary work of the Board of Directors and the dedicated members and is financed by the membership fees. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors each year. The Board represents the association internally and externally. 

Its goals are:

  • The creation of a foundation for the solidary forms of networking within the independent performing arts community
  • The networking of the different artistic genres and their respective socio-political advocacy groups 
  • Lobbying work for a wider public and political perceptions and regular exchange with key cultural policy makers
  • Budget increases in the field of the independent performing arts
  • Committed to Achieving Structural Changes in the Cultural Landscape
  • Brining about innovative changes in the economic and socio-political framework conditions for independent creative and knowledge workers

Membership Benefits

All members are entitled to the services supplied by the association, its publications and cultural policy representation. You can find more information about the various membership benefits here.

Work Groups

All members are invited to participate in the existing work groups or to initiate new work groups focused on additional important topics. You can find more information about the various work groups here.

Cultural Policy and Work on Committees

LAFT Berlin is constantly engaged in the field of cultural policy. Alongside the direct cultural policy work through meetings, consultation and concepts, the association is represented in numerous committees and networks. You can find more information about the the committees and networks here.

Projects of LAFT Berlin

The PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM is intended for all independent theater and dance makers in Berlin. The BERLIN PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL celebrates the diversity of Berlin’s independent performing arts community at numerous theaters and performance venues throughout the entire city. You can find more information about the projects of LAFT Berlin here.

Become a Member

Every member, whether individual, group or venue, contributes to making his or her voice and that of others heard and in doing so, strengthens and shapes the work of LAFT Berlin. New members must apply for membership, membership applications are decided upon by the steering committee and the General Assembly. You can find more information here.