Cultural Policy and Work on Committees

LAFT Berlin is constantly engaged in the field of cultural policy. Alongside the direct cultural policy work through meetings, consultation and concepts, the association is represented in numerous committees and networks.

Minimum Fee Limits

LAFT Berlin has calculated a minimum fee limit together with Tanzbüro Berlin, Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. and Tanzraum Netzwerk Berlin. LAFT Berlin recommends that fees be calculated on this basis when writing funding applications for public as well as private funders on the state and federal level.

Berlin Arts Council

The Berlin Arts Council represents the Berlin cultural landscape as a whole as an elected, autonomous representative body. Its members include culture makers, Berlin cultural institutions as well as independent artists. LAFT Berlin has represented the independent performing arts on the Council since 2010.

National Association Of Independent Performing Arts

The National Association for the Independent Performing Arts (BFDK) is the umbrella association for all regional independent performing arts associations in the individual German states. It includes 16 state associations and 2 associated partner associations in which over 1,200 individual artists and groups are organized. LAFT Berlin has been a member of the National Association for the Independent Performing Arts since 2008.

Coalition of the Independent Arts Community

In 2012, an interdisciplinary Coalition of the Independent Arts Community was formed for the first time in order to secure the foundations of Berlin’s diverse, internationally renowned independent arts community for the future. LAFT Berlin has been an active member of the coalition since its founding in 2012.

You can find more information about the individual committees and networks on their respective websites. While these are generally written in German as a function of the content, participation within the committees and networks is nearly always possible in English as well. If you are interested, please contact the respective committee directly.

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